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Aleph One Consulting brings together software design and engineering,  operations, and cyber-security to securely architect, implement, test, and deploy large-scale systems efficiently, reliably, and at-scale. Our DevSecOps team is focused to innovate with the technology in new ways and using this technology to help meet this mission of our customers.


Our diverse team of DevSecOps engineers are the core of our every success. Their skill sets cross the boundaries of following functional areas:

  • Software Engineering

  • Integration Engineering

  • Automated and Performance Testing

  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

  • DevOps Pipeline Engineering

We are passionate about software solutions, automation, operational excellence, and infrastructure and are able to efficiently tackle problems through code, hardware, networking, or storage within complex systems.


Semantic Ontology and Data Science Acceleration

Our team of data scientists specialize in designing representational data models and structures in SQL and NOSQL databases, and complex quantitative algorithms to facilitating data analytics, data harvesting, and data sharing. It is estimated:

  • By 2025 there will be more than 180 zettabytes of information (source: Statista)

  • 80-90% of the data we generate today is unstructured (source: CIO)

  • Poor data quality costs the US economy up to $3.1 trillion yearly (source: Tech Jury)

  • 97.2% of organizations are investing in big data and AI (source: New Vantage)

We implement the life-cycle of data science to organize and synthesize large amounts of information to eliminate poor decision making, and thereby illuminate  and bring to fruition organizational strategic and business goals.

Automated and Performance Testing (Shifting "Left")

Our team of technically proficient DevSecOps engineers and automation specialists leverage their global understanding of the system to implement unit (JUnit, Mockito), integration (Citrus), database (Mockup Data and Data Factory), and API (SmartBear Studio, ReadyAPI, Swagger) testing to ensure the highest quality and reliability of our software and database artifacts. The goal of such comprehensive testing is to “shift left": Pushing testing toward the early stages of software development, and thereby reduce the number of bugs and increase the quality of the code.

Our performance testers perform further checks on the speed and response times, reliability, resource consumption, and scalability of software under an normal, peak, and unexpected workloads by leveraging performance automation (JMeter, LoadRunner, and Appium). 

By leveraging automation at the system and performance testing levels, our team is able to bring the modern promise of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to you organization.

Strategic and Tactical Design

Our systems engineering teams curate technology solutions by applying principles and practices recognized and approved by the IT industry. We have employed Domain Driven, Behavior Driven and Test Driven Design informed by Agile and Agile SAFe (Scrum-based and Kanban) methodologies. We fully adhere to and embrace these conventions as a mindset.

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